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Facts about narcissism

Facts about narcissism

I want to write several articles about narcissism since many of my patients have partners where they recognize narcissistic traits. Narcissistic people themselves seldom seek therapy since they have the opinion that everything is other peoples´ fault and therefore they have nothing to workj on in therapy. Sometimes they want support though if they have had a difficult separation for example where they have felt hurt by their partner. In that case it´s mostly as I said support and help to get over the separation, it´n not to go through the own mistakes in order not to make them the next time they have a relationship. I will soon go through what is included in a narcissitic personality disorder, most people don´t have the personality disorder but then they can have traits of narcissism which is har enough for their partner or children. Anyway, 1% of the population reach criteria for narcissistic personality disorder. One of the things that is very hard to deal with when you have a narcissist around you is that they unconsciously think and act as if they have much more right to put demands on others thatn other people have. Therefore it´s impossible to get on with a narcissist unless you run over your own needs probalby because you come from a background where it was normal for you to get your needs run over. It´s even possible that it´s so normal for you that you don´t even notice that your needs are not respected. Instead you might have a problem with drinking, drugs, food, anxiety, depression, obsessive thoughts and impulses etc.

To be continued…

Cognitive Behavior Psychologist Monica Emanell


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