Luck factor 2, 3 and 4 (work on getting more good luck)


 Luck factor 2

People with good luck make good decisions by using their intuition and their feeling.

In his research Wiseman found that another factor that people with good luck use is that they listen more to their inner voicé and use it to guide them. They also work on improving their intuition by for example meditating.

Luck factor 3

People with good luck expect  their future to be good and their good luck to last.

Here I think it´s important to think about your behavior. Even if you don´t believe that your luck will last or if you have use the thinking error magical thinking (it´s a matter of time before bad luck something stabs me in the back as a punishment since I have this luck now), it is important that you behave as if you believed that you luck will last. Ask yourself what you would do next if you strongly believed that only good things would happen to you.

Luck factor 4

People with good luck can change their bad luck into good luck.

They do this by trying to see something positive in their bad luck, they are convinced there will come something good with it, they don´t ruminate over their bad luck and they think about what they could do different next time so that they don´t have the same bad luck again.

What these people actually do unconsciously is that they focus all their energy and behavior on how to help themselves to overcome the bad thing that happened to them and how to avoid getting the same problem again. This is of course something that you can do too. The only difference is that you will do it consciously with the goal to experience more good luck in your life.

Good Luck!

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