Three forms of narcissism- lack of limits in childhood

Three forms of narcissism- lack of limits in childhood

Three forms of narcissism

There are three forms of narcissism (Jeffrey Young in Reinventing your life). The first one is seen in people who have had a lack of limits in childhood. They have in other words not been told that they have to respect other people. By not getting limits, they are taught that it is ok that they only think about themselves and in other words they are taught to feel entitled to have more than other people.

If you have a partner with this kind of narcissism he/she will often tell you what to do and be persuaded that the only right way to do things is his/her way. You can for example get comments like ”I have told you this 100 times and you never remember anything”, ”you should be grateful that I tell you how to do this, I would be happy if I had someone telling me how things are”, ”You can´t do anything right, I will do this one more time and make sure you learn this now”, ”you wouldn´t be able to function without my help”, ”Eat this food, it´s impossible not to like it when it tastes good”, ”I am wasting my important time by telling you how to do things and you should be grateful for that”.

This kind of narcissist will not show any empathy towards other people´s needs since he/she is convinced that you should feel grateful and special since you get the opportunity of being told ”how things should be done in the right way”. The narcissist have rules about how things should be done but these rules are not for him/her.

Cognitive Behavior Psychologist Monica Emanell

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