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Do you have avoidant attachment?

Ainsworth identified that some children in the experiment as having avoidant attachment. They reacted in a indifferent way when the mother left the room and when she returned. They seemed to be uninterested but the study showed that the pulse was high in these children. So, in other words they got stressed but they didn´t show it. The behavior is related to the fact that mothers´ of children with avoidant attachment tend to be unresponsive when the child needs support so they discourage crying and promote separation.

If you have avoidant attachment, there is a big probability that you as an adult feel uncomfortable when you are getting close in a relationship. You probably won´t feel like sharing your feelings with your partner (if you are aware of them yourself). You are more likely to be interested in someone from the beginning but then after a while you start to see flaws in your partner. The flaws you see can be whatever, that your partner has a boring voice, an irritating body language, looks insecure etc. You start withdrawing from your partner more and more and finally you leave your partner.

Cognitive Behavior Psychologist Monica Emanell


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