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Handle your social anxiety ”How can I ever feel comfortable in a social situation?”

Handle your social anxiety

Here are some more tips about how to handle your social anxiety:

7. Make plans in detail about how you can behave on next time you go to a party. So instead of focusing on avoiding the party, analyze how you can handle social situations.

8. If you don´t want to go to the party, think that you´ll only be there for half an hour.

9. When you start to critisize yourself after the party, think about that you pratice on being nice to yourself and try to do something that usually makes you feel good.

10. Try to prevent yourself from using behaviors that you use to avoid the anxiety, but that makes you get more anxiety in the long run.

11. Analyze how you can talk about your feeling to your closest friends. If you fear that they will thing something bad about, choose one or two friends and try to say something about how you feel.

12. If you don´t have any friends, think about what you like and take a class to meet more people. When you take the class, try to seem interested in others, smile, say something about the class etc.

13. Reason with yourself about why people would not think that you are for example boring.

14. Try to practice often, you will see that the anxiety diminshes after you notice that people don´t react in a negative way.

Cognitive Behavior Psychologist Monica Emanell


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