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The narcissistic mother (5)

Vanessa´s other three children became people pleasers to an extent that they totally run over their needs. This was mostly seen in the second child that was controlled both by their mother and her oldest sister who spilled out her anger for being run over on her siblings. It is pretty common that children who are treated badly take out their anger on younger siblings.

The second child, Missy, was formed to adjusting to other people´s needs so she didn´t attend to her own needs. Actually she didn´t even reflect of having any needs. She did everything her mother other people wanted her to do. Her mother used to say that they breathed from the same lungs. When Missy grew up she found partners who only attended to their own needs and they behaved badly towards Missy. She was the perfect target for a narcissist or a psychopath. Finally when she was 40 years old Linda got in touch with her anger and then the anger spilled out in all directions. Since this was new to her, she didn´t know how to react so she just followed her impulses which often drew her to the other extreme which also was destructive. Missy had to go to therapy for a long time to form her own identity.

Cognitive Behavior Psychologist Monica Emanell


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