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What happens in the brain when you feel attracted to someone?

What happens in the brain when you feel attracted to someone?

I have written in my earlier articles about what happens in the brain when you feel attraction. In the book ”The chemistry between us”, you can read more about this interesting subject. The authors, Larry Young and Brian Alexander write that when a woman looks at a person that she is attracted to, the same areas in the brain get activated as when she looks at her baby.
Further the authors write that the reason why people stay in a relationship after the period of strong chemistry has faded is that they become addicted to each other the way you get addicted to drugs. I have writte in my earlier articles what substances get activated in the brain when you for example meet your partner after having missed him/her for a period.
Another thing that researchers have identified is that about a third to a quarter of all people are not brainwired to live in monogamous relationships. That does not mean that these person can´t miss their partners, because they can, but nevertheless they can have a need to have sexual relationships with other people.
Form these findings we can conclude what most of you already probablyknow and that is that relationships are complicated. I still want to point out that it is possible to successfully work on your relationship, both when it comes to finiding someone that is good for you and when it comes to working on the relationship you already have if both you and your partner are motivated.

Cognitive Behavior Psychologist Monica Emanell


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