How can I make mindfulness as a part of my daily life?

How can I make mindfulness as a part of my daily life?

Mindfulness (being in the present) but that you have a hard time to stick to your “mindfulness schedule”, you do it for a few days or a week and then you stop.

My experience is that for some people listening to a mindfulness tape with for example breathing exercizes or a body scan functions well but for others, especially those who have a problem with restlessness it can be too difficult.

Therefore I highly recommend mindfulness exercizes where you describe what senses get activated in a particular situation for example when you eat, drink tea or take a shower. For example if you drink tea, describe how the heat feels on you tongue, how the tea smells, how it tastes, the noise when you drink etc.

The consequence of making these kind of descriptions is that

You write that you have tried to practice mindfulness you are present. But you sould not “try hard” to be present, just focus on the sense descriptions and try to do it daily since the continuity is a crucial part.

Good Luck!

Cognitive Behavior Psychologist Monica Emanell