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Strategies when you have anxiety and low self-esteem (3)

Strategies when you have anxiety and low self-esteem

Here you have some more tips on how you can handle your anxiety:

9. Try to get some distance to your anxiety by asking yourself what you would say to a friend in the same situation.
10. How would you have thought a year ago?
11. What text would you like to have on your grave? Do you want it to be ”Here lies — who ran after after the feeling of being perfect all his/her life and never had any time to enjoy life” or ”Here lies — who devoted all his/her life to adapt to his/her partner´s needs in order to be loved”.
12. How important will this be in 10 years?
13. Do one thing at a time.
14. Force yourself to do thing that you usually like or that you used to like before.
15. Talk to a friend.
16. Work out, run, hike or something else that is physical. This is good when you have high intensity anxiety, when it calms down a bit you can read, watch a movie etc.
17. Do things where you activate your senses.; listen to music, bake, have a tea etc.
18. Write about your thoughts and feelings. It will help you to sort out your thoughts and feelings and it can also help you to get distance. It can also give you a feeling of having ”let out you difficult feelings”.

Cognitive Behavior Psychologist Monica Emanell

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