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Anxiety strategies when you have a crisis

Anxiety strategies when you have a crisis

If you have increased anxiety because you have had a crisis, try the folowing ways of handling taking care of yourself:
1. See the crisis as an important signal.
2. Write about your feelings. The writing helps you to understand, accept and sort out what has happened.
You will feel that the situation gets more structured and controllable. As I have written before, structure and predictability decrease anxiety. Your psyche can get a grip of what happened which has a good effect on your anxiety. Also, write down how you can take care of yourself and your needs.
3. Talk with someone.
4. Go through things that have happened during the crisis, that you feel proud of.
5. Analyze how much you have matured. A small positive factor with difficult situations in life is that you often start thinking and seeing things in a more mature way.
6. Try to let go of anger and bitterness (for you own sake). Getting stuck in anger will be destructive for you.

Cognitve Behavior Psychologist Monica Emanell

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