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How do you validate others?

How do you validate others?

Jag want to write a short article about the importance of validating other people. I often meet people who haven´t felt validated when the grew up which has has a negative influence on their self-esteem when they grow up. Validation is important when it comes to your children, your partner and your friends.It´s not that unusual that parent s have done a good job with their children but that they haven´t thought about validating them often due to the fact that they haven´t been validated themselves when they grew up. Often you might thin´k that your partner should knw that he/she is loved by you and may be you don´t see the point of repeating it. I want to point out that being validated is important for everyone and many relationships get better when both of you start thinking about that.
You validate other people by:
– Being interested in what the other person says.
– Asking questions.
– Summing up what the other person says.
– Thinking about not judging the other person.
– Showing empathy for the other person.
– Showing that you understand the other person´s opinions, emotional reactions considering the situation he/she is in.
– Trying to find something reasonbale in a dysfunctional behavior.

Cognitive Behavior Psychologist Monica Emanell


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