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Optimize your ability to make decisions (2)

Optimize your ability to make decisions

I will here continue to give some advice about what you can do in order to improve your ability to make make desicions.

– Try in detail to analyze how you have reacted earlier in similar situations. If you, for example are worried that you don´t know feel enough for your partner, analyze what your relationships historically have been. If you are a person who usually is intensive when you feel atarcted to someoine or does it take time for you to start liking someone? Try not to comapre yourself to others who fall madly in love if you don´t. It doesn´t have to mean that you are not interested in your partner if you never had this madly in love period.
– Analyze your alternatives and what your life would look like if the dech of the different alternatives get realized.
– Analyze how you would handle if you made a desicion about something that you later regret.
You worry that you will get a child with your partner and later regret it and feel that you want out of the relationship.
My answer: If getting a child is not an iimpulse behavior and you have a stable relationship, get the child. If you change your mind about the relationship in 10 years you can handle that when it happens. You can divorce, take a break or analyze at that time why you want to leave and handle it. Start from what you want now.

To be continued…
Cognitive Behavior Psychologist Monica Emanell

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