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The narcissistic mother (4)

I want to write some more about my case example so that you can get a better picture of the behavior of the narcissistc mother.

Vanessas´s four children of course got consequences because of their mother´s behavior. In short she made them feel grateful that she had gicen them shelter and food (when in fact she did that with monwy from her exhusband), when in fact the children helped her feel the emotional hole she had herself. So in other words their existence made her feel better althoguh she pointed out the contrary. The daughers got different problems depending on their different personalities. The eldest was very good looking from a young age and she got compliments about her good looks throughout her teenage years. She was pretty socially avoidant and in relationships she took over her mother´s way of critisizing other people´s flaws which made her a lonely person. On top of the critisizing she had very high thoughts of her looks and this made it even harder to form relationships. She often talked bad about other people´s looks and she was jealous of women who had husband´s with well paid jobs. She could not understand why other women whom she found not looking as good as herself could have found men with high salaries. She found this unfair, and spent many hours a day obsessing about how unfair things were. She developed into an angry, jealous and anxiety filled person. She hated her mother but could not break free emotionally. She even moved to nother country but continued calling her mother when she felt lonely even though their communication made her feel even more angry and lonely.

Since she had become narcissistic herself she could not break free emotionally. She went to therapy for many years but she never say any problems in herself and her attitude towards others. She was stuch in anger and jealousy and she continued feeling lonely.

Cognitive Behavior Psychologist Monica Emanell


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